• Trial Explorer
  • Activity Scheduling

Core Functionality

  • Register of research trials and designs
  • Genetic Identity Register for tracking planting stock to field
  • Species reference library for documenting crop species
  • Customisable trial assessments for auditing and cruising (req. Certification and Assessment Module)
  • Create unlimited activity schedules with custom timings
  • Support for custom Field Codes and Field Code Sets for use across multiple trials

Trial Assessment Survey Functionality (req. Certification and Assessments Module)

  • Define named sets of attributes to be observed
  • Optionally pre-define attribute value limits and types
  • Configure attribute processing rules for aggregation or combinations
  • Make use of base or custom equations or formulas for advanced calculations
  • Apply attribute set to assessment event and execute survey using generated templates
  • Data upload and export tools
  • Instant processing of captured observations.

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