• Estate Explorer
  • Activity Scheduling
  • Work Management (req. Contracts Module)

Core Functionality

  • Register of estate asset details
  • Custom attributes for each asset type
  • Additional asset types easily added
  • Customisable attribute lists
  • Permission controlled stock adjustment transactions
  • Create unlimited actvity schedules with custom timings
  • Define simple Work Standards
  • Bind assets to one or multiple activity schedules
  • Execute activities with Work Orders (req. Contracts Module)
  • Record and report Work Order production and consumption
  • Integrated user feedback process
  • Sample master data for a quick start
  • Extensive Reports

Work Planning Functionality

  • Create unlimited Work Plans and company level
  • Define quantum of work by activity and period
  • Reconcile activity plans with asset level activity scheduling
  • Optionally break activity plans down by Work Standard (req. Work Standard Module)
  • Project resource requirements and costs (req .Work Standard Module)
  • Reconcile Work Standard level plans with Work Order execution and asset work scheduling (req .Work Standard Module)

Crop Functionality

  • Genetic Identity Register for tracking planting stock to field
  • Species reference library for documenting crop species
  • Customisable crop assessments for auditing and cruising (req. Certification and Assessment Module)
  • Permanent Sample Plots can be defined and managed
  • Yield tables can be defined and linked to crops

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