• Work Order Management
  • Work Package Management
  • Payment Pipeline

Core Functionality

  • Register of contracts
  • Define permitted Work Standards and validity periods
  • Manage contract rates, validity periods and variability limits by Work Standard
  • Pre-define 'Rate Sets' for easy application to multiple contracts
  • Contract rates definable by field condition, resource set, production and consumption
  • Payment rules and limits definable for each stage of execution
  • Configure Work Order issue limits (max value, max count) by Work Standard
  • Define Work Packages for non-Work Order based activities
  • Contractor team definition and work restrictions
  • Configurable payment settings including invoice on-behalf

Work Order Functionality

  • Capture contract rates to Work Order
  • Production and resource consumption recording on user definable schedules
  • Register of verification audits for quantity survey and quality control
  • Reconciliation of planned, reported and verified production
  • Verification of production from weighbridge records, scaling sheets or surveys
  • Rolling payments calculation based on payment rules and production or consumption
  • Extensive Work Order management reports

Work Package Functionality

  • Define work package activities and sub-activities
  • Time Sheet recording against Work Package (req. HR Module)
  • Work Package reports

Worker Payroll Functionality (req. HR Module)

  • For use with own operations or sub-contractors with login permissions
  • Split contract rates to resource level
  • Calculate Worker Payroll based on Work Order production and payment rules
  • Per Work Order per Worker payment based on attendence

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